With Confidence a diverse setlist to the fans of the east coast just this past Friday. The show was packed with songs energetic to mellow songs allowing the crowd to sing along and for fans new and old to fall deeper in love with lead singer Jayden Seeley’s voice. All in all, the performance was remarkable for the young band originating from Australia and I can’t wait to see this band continue to grow and become more.
The show started off with opening act Small Talks which is led by girl singer Cayley Spivey. Although Small Talks have a notable sound, the bands songs weren’t enough to get the crowd moving, something that would’ve helped to create a dynamic set. Despite this minor flaw, the band had a developed sound for being such a small act this was something impressive to me. Cayley’s vocals are unique when compared to this genre as it is hard to find girl singers leading the band, but Cayley’s way of singing is fascinating and captivating, just this small effect, I believe, will bring in a large following to the completely indie, small band.
The next band that made their way to the growing crowd of Knitting Factory was Sleep on It. The Illinois-based pop-punk band got the crowd moving just in time before the energetic set of With Confidence. Sleep on It brought a sound that can get everyone in the crowd to move and dance around. The band had crowd surfers falling on stage left and right before jumping back into the small group of gathered fans. The sound of the band reminded me of the old music Emarosa used to create and as Emarosa starts to transform to the indie pop culture, Sleep On It couldnt be forming at a better time.
Co-Headliner With Confidence was next to take the state and they didnt disappoint the crowd with their impressive sound and set. They started off with ​That Something ​a song that I feel everyone can dance to and the perfect way to get the packed crowd to start moving. From the start of the set to the end of the set, the band had crowd surfers and stage divers cheering them on. I personally enjoyed Jayden’s take on ​Long Night (Acoustic)​ in which he performed the song completely acoustic with nothing amplifying his voice or his acoustic guitar which he played alone on stage. The whole encounter made the room of fans and the musician feel connected as a family. This aspect is noteworthy for this reason. The diverse set was some admirable for With Confidence as I didn’t expect to be hearing the small segment of slow, melancholy songs. With Confidence gave Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory an unbelievable show.
Broadside ended the entire concert with their upbeat set that consisted of songs heavy on the pop punk genre. As someone who has never heard of Broadside, I can tell how they were matched up to With Confidence for this co-headliner as the bands sounds familiar in sound but both had unique aspects. Broadside have the perfect mix to establish them a grand following and I can see them becoming like All Time Low somewhere in the future.
All four bands delivered a spectacular show last Friday. I found myself enjoying the show start to finish, I can’t wait to hear more from all four bands in the near future. Check out our coverage of the show below and follow the bands links to learn more.