The location “Sporthalle” in Hamburg ist nearly half filled with people as BLOODBATH take over the stage. I guess the main reason is the early starting time of 6 o’clock on a Saturday evening.
So the Swedish Death Metal lunatics from BLOODBATH start with “Fleischmann” and “Let The Stillborn Come To Me” in front of roundabout 3000 people. While the first song “Fleischmann” shows some sound problems, everything is fixed with the second track. BLOODBATH goes on with “So You Die”, when suddenly midway through the song the PA system become silent. The band does not notice this fact before they get a sign from the stage manager. At first they play on, but after a minute BLOODBATH stops the song and leaves the stage. It takes several minutes before the problem with the power is solved and the band returns back on stage. Due to this fact, one or two songs vanish from the setlist and it is a shortened work day for BLOODBATH.

After a short changeover of twenty minutes, HATEBREED jumps onto the stage. It is a completely alternative program to the band that played before and two other bands still to come. But the audience is open for something completely different and the “Sporthalle” in Hamburg is way more crowded than before. “To The Threshold” and “As Diehard As They Come” are the perfect opener songs to carry the audience. People with all kind of different metal band shirts jump up and down to the blasting music from HATEBREED. And although the band around Jamey Jasta got the same power supply issue sometime later in the set, while playing “Live For This”, you see a lot of smiling faces on and in front of the stage. The band close their set with the evergreen “Destroy Everything”.

After the music from HATEBREED encouraged the crowd for jumping and moving, we move on to a band that offers some other merits. DIMMU BORGIR plays symphonic black metal and they start their set with “The Unveiling”, the first track from there last album “Eonian”. The six guys from Norway put emphasis on the way they are celebrating their music. Every song starts with an intro and some other things like choirs or effects are canned music. Nevertheless, the total work of art is the point and a lot of people like what they see and hear. DIMMU BORGIR plays a cross section of nearly all albums they published. In my humble opinion, this set takes too long and not only once I think about watching a stage play than a concert. But in the end the crowd is cheering and DIMMU BORGIR is a grateful band.

Now it’s time for the headliner KREATOR. The veterans of German thrash metal ask the people, if they are prepared to get destroyed in a big screen hanging in front of the stage. With a bombshell and two giant confetti guns the four musicians enter the scene and the set starts of with “Enemy Of God”. The next songs “Hail To The Hordes”, “Awakening Of The Gods” and “Gods Of Violence” show that KREATOR will play tunes from nearly all their albums. Honestly, I have to say that KREATOR nowadays is a little bit too perfect as a live act. Every song, every move and every announcement seems to be rehearsed, there is nothing that will happen spontaneously or by coincidence. On the other side, the usual fan will get a perfect show and this is very important. The sound is crystal clear, the light show impressive and singer and guitar player Mille is on top of things. Songs to follow are “Satan Is Real”, “Phantom Antichrist”, “Fallen Brother” and “Flag Of Hate”. The audience is still awake and show their enthusiasm with headbanging and mosh pits. “Phobia”, “Hordes Of Chaos”, “People Of The Lie” and “Violent Revolution” are the final songs, before KREATOR hit the stage one more time and play the classical tune “Pleasure To Kill”. The light switches on and a lot of happy people leave the location and trust the feeling that they visited a really good concert with four different bands.